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You don’t see this very often. A monster Florida alligator goes cannibal on a smaller gator. This incident happened at a Lakeland golf course, then the big alligator affectionately known as “Grandpappy” is seen walking away with a smaller gator in his mouth. Here’s the video to prove it:

Julie Smith of Lakeland recorded the video and estimates that Grandpappy is about 20 feet long while his soon-to-be meal was about six feet in length.

According to Florida Fish & Wildlife, alligator mating season is ramping up and its known that larger gators kill the smaller ones that enter their territory. Looks like the smaller gator wandered into Grandpappy’s grounds and he wasn’t too thrilled with that incursion!

[SOURCE Fox 35/Creative Loafing]

Alligators Love The Golf Course

Gators and the golf course go hand in hand like burgers and fries. Just to be safe, especially in Florida, always assume there is a gator or a croc in any body of water.