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Lakeland man cashes in winning $5 million bucks with scratch off. Holy Scratch Off! I thought all the scratch-off tickets were a way to win $20 here and there, all while investing hundreds of dollars to do so. I guess I was wrong, because a Lakeland man scored five million bucks by scratching off a winning ticket this week!

A 63-year-old man played GOLD RUSH LIMITED and won the big prize, $5 million bucks. The man claimed his winnings at the Tampa office of the Florida State Lottery and opted for a one-time cash payment of a hair under $4 million dollars. Marty Moon bought his ticket at a small store called Nick’s Food Mart in Lakeland. Some people like to buy their tickets from previous winning locations, thinking that the location may be luckier than others.

Meanwhile, the store will get its own share of luck, a check for $10,000 just for selling the winning ticket. The game, which charges $20 per ticket, has been a huge success for the lottery.  This Lakeland man cashes in. And, approximately 75% of all lottery sales in Florida are of the scratch-off variety.


Top 10 Tips How To Get Through Sudden Tampa Bay Inflation

  • 1. If you have high credit card balance, consider a 0% balance transfer (if available) or get a low interest personal loan to pay off credit cards, consolidate high interest loans at a lower fixed rate, shop around to find a lower interest mortgage loans to refinance.

    Credit Cards

  • 2. Gas and energy prices are soaring -- keep tires inflated, consolidate trips such as combine your trip to work with trip to grocery store, consider carpooling, walking, biking etc.


  • 3. Do some sort of energy audit like use low energy light bulbs, increase the temperature on your AC by one- or two- degrees, check for leaks in your home and fix them, have your AC serviced, explore if you qualify for Federal programs that assist with energy bills.

    Light Bulb

  • 4. Food prices are soaring, but the prices of some food items are increasing at a faster rate than others --- substitute lower priced food for higher price food, such as buy more generic brands, look for weekly sales coupons, eat healthy (more vegetables and less meat -- price of vegetables has not increased as much as meat).


  • 5. Try to increase your income by selling things you do not use, start a small business, may be a second job.

    Garage Sale

  • 6. Refrain from buying unnecessary things including new cars, new TV if you have one in working condition.

    New Cars

  • 7. Shop around for car insurance, home insurance etc., increase deductible or lower coverage if appropriate.

    Allstate Sign

  • 8. Cancel some monthly subscriptions, including apps you can temporarily do without.


  • 9. If you have money to invest, consider dividend paying stocks, short-term bonds, inflation-linked bonds, gold, real estate etc. i.e., do not keep extra cash, which is losing value.


  • 10. Suggest non-essential businesses move to a temporary hybrid work week 2 or 3 days in the office, work from home on the other days


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