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If it wasn’t bad enough that gas prices are outrageous, thieves are now using drills to steal gas in your tank!

Don’t think for a minute that your locking gas cap will stop these thieves from siphoning your high octane. They are using power tools to drill a hole in your tank to rob you of your go-go juice. What’s worse than having an empty tank is that it could cost about $1000 to replace your gas tank.

So how do you know if you have been a victim of these gas thieves? AAA has a list of what to look for:

  • The smell of gas as you approach your vehicle.
  • A puddle under your vehicle near the fuel tank.
  • The vehicle is not starting.
  • The vehicle starts but the fuel gauge shows fuel is missing and/or the check engine light turns on

If you gas tank has been tampered with, contact the police and file a report, find out if your insurance company covers this type of incident, and get your car fixed ASAP.

Now, here’s what AAA says you can do to protect your car from these thieves trying to steal your gas:

  • Park in the garage at your home if you have one.
  • When out in public, park in a well-lit area with high traffic.
  • If possible, park in a secure location like a fenced-in lot or parking garage.
  • When in a public garage, find a parking spot near the exit or elevator since those have the most visibility and foot traffic.

Let’s hope these precautions will prevent you from being a victim of a gas thief.

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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