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You might have changed clocks for the last time in your lifetime.

It has taken YEARS to get attention by the lawmakers in Washington. But today, the proposal to make Daylight Saving Time permanent took a big step forward. The Sunshine Protection Act just passed in the U.S. Senate. It now goes to the House of Representatives.

Marco Rubio has put it up every year since it was passed in Florida, but Congress hasn’t given it the time of day until today. The bill has never even made it past the introduction phase. Will the House pass it? Will it reach President Biden’s desk? Time will tell. But that time change we did this weekend could possibly be the last one ever! If the bill becomes law, the time we’re on now would become permanent. That means more daylight hours in the evening.

The bill has had support from members of both parties. However a very loud vocal minority doesn’t like the idea of less daylight early in the morning.

Keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully we will never have to change our clocks twice a year and Daylight Saving Time will finally fade into the sunset.

[SOURCE 10 Tampa Bay]

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