Luke Combs’s wife Nicole answered fan questions on her Insta stories while her husband is overseas playing shows in Europe, and she shared some details on her pregnancy; the couple’s first child, a baby boy, is due this Spring.

When answering the most annoying thing about her pregnancy, Nicole responded, “I want to eat cold deli meat.” She added in small print, “Also, I get lovely messages from people that think I am hiding my baby bump when I’m literally not at all, haha. It’s very small, but that’s how the women in my family have carried.”

Nicole also noted that her favorite thing about the pregnancy is when the baby kicks and when she gets to see the ultrasounds. She offers, “It’s still so surreal to me.”

As for a name for baby boy Combs, the couple hasn’t put their finger on a name just yet. Nicole says, “We’re still working on it and won’t announce it till he’s here.”

Luke’s wife didn’t join her husband in Europe this time around because she said, “I just didn’t have it in me,” adding that they were only away for six days and doing mostly traveling from country to country.