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Florida Man and grandson reel in catch that causes police investigation. Guess magnet fishing can be exciting after all. Lots of mystery. Maybe some fun in it. Maybe some money in it too.

I’m told, and have seen magnet fishermen reel in mostly scrap metal and maybe some bottle caps. Duane Smith was magnet fishing with his grandson, Allen Cadwalader in Homestead, Florida. It was their first time out, so they had no idea how exciting it could be.

If you haven’t seen it, magnet fishing is just simply a very strong magnet on the end of a rope. You chunk it in the water, as far as the rope can go, and you can throw. Works pretty well in shallow areas of lakes, ponds and rivers. Drag it back to shore, and see what ya got. I see it a lot at small bridged along the intercoastal while paddle boarding. If you check YouTube you’ll see lots of guns and other stuff.


Source 10TampBay

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