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The Golden Arches is bringing some food mashups and we’re ready! McDonald’s will be adding hacked sandwiched to their menu.

We like going off the beaten path when it comes to food and drink. Are you the type of person that tries to make crazy flavor combos at Coke Freestyle machine? Yup, that’s us! Well, McDonald’s is taking things to a new level. Starting January 31st, you will be able to order four of their menu hack sandwiches.

Here are the mouth-watering sandwiches you can order:

  • Hash Brown McMuffin: A McMuffin with a sausage patty, egg and a hash brown. (available breakfast hours only)
  • The Crunchy Double: A McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger with Chicken McNuggets and barbecue sauce .
  • Land, Air & Sea: A Big Mac together with a McChicken and a Filet-o-Fish. It’s the best of three worlds!
  • Surf + Turf: A Double Cheeseburger with the Filet-o-Fish. Beef and fish together, who’d a thunk it? (McDonald’s app exclusive)

You can order these McDonald’s hacked sandwiches from the menu but here’s the thing that you have to remember. Since this is a “hack,” you will get the menu items necessary to build the sandwich. OK, we’re fine with a little extra work to enjoy one of these!

The hacked menu is available for a limited time and at participating restaurants. We hope that McDonald’s in Tampa Bay will be participating!

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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