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It was bound to finally happen. A Florida Man was busted after bickering about bacon. Yes, a fight about bacon led to this guy going to the pokey!

This story happened at a Cape Coral Waffle House. Our Florida Man, Martin, Jose Alvarez, was being very particular about how he wanted his bacon cooked. Alvarez was heard yelling “you better cook the f****** bacon right!”

Cape Coral Police showed up at the Waffle House after a call came about a disturbance. They witnessed Alvarez’s tirade about the quality of his bacon. Officers decided that Alvarez needed to step outside but he refused. When the officers said they might need to deploy their taser, Alvarez complied.

Alvarez was arrested and faces charges of disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest and intent to do violence. He is now in the Lee County jail. We are not sure if bacon is on the inmate menu.

[SOURCE Local 10]

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