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Sometimes even just doing your job has consequences in the Sunshine State! An angry Florida Man shot at maintenance workers dong work in his apartment.

Phil Robins, the Florida Man in this story, was notified by the owner of his apartment that maintenance had to be done in his dwelling. Phil’s response to the apartment owner was quite shocking: “Sorry us dying old farts don’t get out of bed till noon. Open my door even with a police officer and warrant I’m gonna start shooting.

Undeterred, the maintenance workers proceeded to repair the Florida Man’s air conditioner and repaint at the back of his apartment. The workers heard a gunshot, fled from the area and called 911. The Cocoa Police Department made contact with Robins and found a pistol next to a bed in his apartment. Robins was arrested and faces a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

[SOURCE Fox 35]

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