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Rob Gronkowski needed one more catch late in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the Carolina Panthers to earn $ million in incentives for the season.

Coming into the game Gronk needed 65 yards receiving to earn a bonus of $500,000, 7 catches to earn another $500,000 and 3 touchdown catches to earn a third $500,000 bonus. Gronk hit two of three of the bonuses to earn an extra $1 Million in bonuses.

Gronk already had hit one bonus in the game because he had over 65 yards receiving, but late in the game he was one catch short of hitting a second bonus.

Tom Brady and Gronk came back in the game for one more play and Gronk got his catch to get another $500,000.

The Bucs released a video of Gronk talking to Tom about getting his second bonus. Check it out below.

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