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Best Jobs in Tampa Bay rank among the highest paying in the nation.  This comes from the U.S. News and World Report. They just completed their annual “best jobs” survey for 2022.

Need a “hot” job? Become an informational security analyst. That gig scored highest because of predicted “high demand” now and growing for years to come.

U.S. News looks at the best jobs, and also ranks the cities that pay the biggest bucks. If you’re an Actuary, Tampa Bay pays among the Top 5 best “mean salary” at $134,670. If you go after a gig as a credit counselor or sound engineering technician, you’ll do well in the Bay Area too. ($63,540 and $89,500 averages)

Wanna make the real big bucks? Move to Gainesville as a financial adviser and pull in a “mean average” salary near #206,120. Or go help folks in The Villages as an occupational therapist and rake in $115,920 (average).

Source TBT


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