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Florida Manatee Number a real heartbreaker. 1,101 Florida Manatee deaths in 2021 That’s almost double the 2020 number.

Most of these are being reported on our east coast. It’s all about the sea grass. And, pollution. Yep. Algal blooms caused by pollution, leaky septic systems, sewer systems, and fertilizer. Scientists say the ecosystem has been getting hammered.

We kill the sea grass, Manatees starve to death.

There is a feeding program underway to help. But, leave it to the experts. We are all reminded never to feed Manatees, as they get too comfortable getting dangerously close to boat propellers.

What can WE do?

Simple. We need to reduce fertilizer, pesticide, and chemical use that runs in to our ecosystem. We can also donate to local organizations that help Manatees, AND, be mindful while boating.

Source TBT


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