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Why is the average price of a used car in Tampa Bay $29,000? That could mean a payment over $500 a month. The answer is simple. As new cars go, so go the “pre owned” vehicles. That average is nationwide.

Auto dealers nationwide would normally have about about 3 Million cars in inventory or shipment. Today, dealers have about 1 Million new vehicles to work with in that category.

New car prices are up as high as they can be, and says used car prices are up 39% over 12 months ago.

When our daughters were in high school a few years ago, we found them safe, reliable transportation for $7 to $10 Thousand Dollars. Those same vehicles today, often with way higher mileage, may cost closer to $11 to $14 Thousand Dollars. Ouch! Ug. If, you can find them.

Source: TBT


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