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Maren Morris

Today we get a brand new song from Maren Morris called “Circles Around This Town”.  She also released a new video to go along with this song.  It’s so good!

It’s about how she moved to Nashville and her struggles to make it in this business and how she had to drive circles around this town.

The song is about the beginning of her career, when she left Texas for Nashville (in a car with a busted air conditioner) to become a songwriter and, eventually, one of the biggest stars currently in country music. “Couple hundred songs, and the ones that finally worked / Was the one about a car and the one about a church,” she sings, referencing her 2016 debut single “My Church”.

This song was written by Maren and her husband Ryan Hurd.

You can read more from Taste of Country

Little fun fact:  The “Montero” mentioned in the first verse is Morris’ red Mitsubishi Montero sport. In 2016, she shared that this car inspired her first hit song, “My Church.”