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There is a Sarasota Commissioner that wants to add more waterfront dog parks and he got the idea because he recently adopted a dog and realized there weren’t that many for him to go to.

Sarasota Commissioner, Hagen Brody, said, “I’m spending more time out with other dog owners at the dog parks and listening to their opinion of what’s lacking in the area for pet owners.”

Some the possible locations in Sarasota where waterfront parks could be in the future include Ken Thompson Parkway and a section of South Lido Beach.

There is concern from Audubon Florida about a park on Lido Beach because there are threatened birds and Audrey DeRose-Wilson the director of bird conservation for Audubon Florida says, “What would be best for the birds would be to not place the dog park where there are birds.”

There will be details on possible locations for the parks by the spring.

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