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Let’s face it, a lot of make New Year’s resolutions to get in better shape and workout. This guy is an inspiration! Here’s some 2022 workout motivation for Tampa Bay.

How did Louie Ruybal celebrate his 82nd trip around the sun? He started the day by working out. The Brandon resident does it three days-a-week. “It’s just something I’ve always done. I’ve exercised a lot my whole life. It seems like I’m always doing something,” he said. “It’s something to do in the morning and that’s the first thing I want to do is work out.” Here’s Louie getting his day started at the gym:

While some of us are hitting the “snooze” button for the fifth time, Louis is exercising. When he’s not at the gym, he’s walking his dog two miles-a-day. This veteran believes that staying active is the key to being healthy. “I think that everybody should exercise or do something just to keep busy, to keep this thing pumping,” said Louie.

We like it Louie! Here’s to you motivating Tampa Bay to workout and be more active in 2022. Plus we wish Louie many more trips around the sun!

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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