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This isn’t the tale of one Florida Man but two of them. These Florida men were caught with two alligators hanging out of their car window.

This story took place in Hardee County. Put yourself in the police officer’s shoes. You’re called to the scene of an accident where an SUV is laying on its side. Hmmm, how did this happen? As you walk around the vehicle, you see two alligators hanging out the rear window. There’s something more to this accident scene!

Yup, just another day on the job!

That’s how this tale starts. The officer calls FWC to join them at the accident scene. They remove two deceased alligators from the SUV. A 6 1/2 foot gator and an 8 foot one. After questioning the Florida Men, one admits they killed the gators while fishing. They then decided to load the alligators into the SUV. Of course we don’t know how the vehicle ended up on its side. Could the gators have had something to do with the accident? No matter, these Florida Men were charged with killing the alligators.

[SOURCE ABC Action News]

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