Taylor Swift has made another Forbes list, but this time is not for her money: it’s all about power. Taylor placed at number 78 of 100 of the “Most Powerful Women In Entertainment” List Of 2021.

Forbes says the reason for Swift making the list is that in 2021, she began releasing re-records of her older music to regain their ownership rights. In July 2020, Taylor surprise-released Folklore, written and produced entirely in quarantine. It was the year’s first album to sell 1 million units. In December, she surprise-released Evermore.

In addition, Forbes praises her for her 2020 move of following the Covid-19 outbreak, she canceled all her 2020 tour dates.

The publication says, “Swift has leveraged her fame to encourage political action, asking fans to support the Equality Act with her 2019 single ‘You Need To Calm Down.'”

Oprah ranked at number 23 while Vice President Kamala Harris came in at number two.

Taylor Swift – The ACMs