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Ashlyn Jade Lopez, who is a 16-year-old from Tampa, will be appearing in a new Christmas movie that you can watch on Disney Channel and Disney+. The movie is called Christmas Again and you will be able to watch it starting this Friday, December 3rd.

Ashlyn is a junior at Newsome High School and this isn’t her first acting gig on TV. She also appeared in the show The Vampire Diaries and 37 other acting appearances.

Ashlyn told the Tampa Bay Times that she always wanted to be in a Disney project and she told them, “Ever since I was 11, I’ve been auditioning for Disney. I’ve always gotten pretty far, but I never booked one. This time, I was just the right one.”

Christmas Again is about “high-spirited” 11-year-old Rowena “hoping to add more spunk to her Christmas celebrations when her parent’s divorce is going anything but smoothly.” The holiday does not go as planned, so Rowena asks a neighborhood Santa to grant her wish.

Ashlyn plays Gabby, the older sister of Rowena, in the movie.

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