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Talk about a stroke of lottery luck! A Tampa Bay driver, almost out of gas, wins $2 million at the gas station he went to fill his tank.

We can admit it. There have been a few times when we coasted into the gas station as our car was running on fumes. Of course what happened to Feras Al Younes of Lutz isn’t an ordinary fill-up trip. When Feras pulled into the Circle K on Dona Michelle Boulevard, little did he know his life would change.

While waiting in line to buy gas, Feras decided to buy the Florida Lottery’s $10 Gold Rush Supreme scratch-off game. He scratched off the numbers while filling his tank when he realized that there was something special about this ticket. “I was standing at the pumps when I suddenly realized I was holding a $2 million winning ticket! I was so excited that I left before my tank was full!” said Feras. This Tampa Bay lottery winner took the one-time, lump sum payment of $1,760,000.00. Guess he won’t have a problem filling his gas tank anymore!

These are the lottery winner stories we love, especially when they happen here in Tampa Bay!

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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