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Cats are curious creatures and they also get into the darnedest places. Make sure to do this before you get in your car to keep kittens safe.

Temperatures are starting to get chilly in Tampa Bay. Cats like to climb into the engine compartments of cars. They do this to keep warm and to keep safe. Mama cats even take their kittens into the tight engine spaces. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay receives several calls a week about cats in cars. Sadly they also receive calls about kittens being injured when taking shelter in vehicle engines.

They recently had a post about this little fur baby, Julien, who got stuck in the engine compartment. Poor kitty got burned by a hot engine.

Here’s what you can do to prevent this from happening to a cat:

-before you get in your car, bang on the hood. That should frighten them and make them run out.

-honk your horn before you start your engine giving the kittens another chance to get away from your car.

By just doing those things, you can keep a cat safe.

[SOURCE Fox 13]

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