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An experience with frontline workers inspired a local photographer. That inspiration sparked a showcase giving thanks to everyday Tampa Bay heroes.

You might remember photographer Kamran Malik. We previously posted his photos from a fun project he did a few months ago. Recently Karim’s mother passed out and fell. The experience and interaction he had with frontline workers during this incident inspired him. Karim “wanted to showcase some of our everyday heroes who do wonderful work in our community on a daily basis and you never know what all they do, until you need some of their service in an emergency.”

The Safety Harbor photographer let his camera capture these Tampa Bay heroes that walk among us every day. Here are a few:

Karim’s mom is doing fine after a month of rehab.

This Thanksgiving Karim would like us to “give thanks to these and all other Heroes who are serving and making our community better and safe every day.”

[SOURCE MrKamraMan]

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