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Sometimes you just need to release pent up energy. This Tampa Bay business has a solution. You can feel like the Incredible Hulk in this Clearwater smash room!

At Smashbox 20 in Clearwater, people are able to let out their frustrations. Think of it as catharsis through a sledgehammer. You can unleash your inner rock star and trash items like dressers, chairs, and even TVs!

Christina Toliver is the owner of Smashbox 20 and she thinks that sometimes you just got to break stuff to feel better.  “I think there is just release of all the negative toxins inside of you. I think we all tend to retain that negative energy and it’s just a release,” said Toliver. “It just feels light. You’re lighter! For some people it’s a good time, for others it’s life-changing.

Could this smash room be a great work retreat? Hmm….that would be a different way to build team cohesion!

[SOURCE Fox 13]

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