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Preston Brust and Chris Lucas - LOCASH - 'The Fighters' Listening Party at White Avenue Studio on June 13, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Chris and Preston called into the show this morning to talk about their new EP called Woods and Water they released last week.

One of the singles on the new EP is called Beach Boys, which they actually recorded with the Beach Boys.

LOCASH’s Woods & Water – EP Track List:
1. “Beach Boys” (Chris Lucas, Preston Brust, Dallas Wilson, Jared Mullins, Brian Wilson, Mike Love)
2. “In The Woods” (Chris Lucas, Preston Brust, Chris LaCorte, Corey Crowder)
3. “Sippin Sunsets” (Chris Lucas, Preston Brust, Jason Duke, John Byron)
4. “Small Town For Life” (Chris Lucas, Preston Brust, Ben Hayslip, Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins)
5. “Chillionaire” (Preston Brust, Clint Lagerberg, Drew Baldridge)

Update 11/19/21:

The boys NOT be playing at St. Pete Bikefest this weekend at OCC due to Covid concerns, however Parmalee will be filling in for them tonight.