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St. Pete woman blames egg roll for arrest. When law enforcement pulled over a driver who was driving erratically, nobody expected to hear this excuse.

We’ve all had it happen, a delicious egg roll breaks free from our greasy grasp and rolls across the carpet in our car. It’s sad on many levels.

First, the egg roll is now beyond our reach. Second, the egg roll is now covered in hair, dirt, sand and DNA of unknown origin. Third, if you reach for it, your car will swerve in your lane and make the police think that you are driving while intoxicated. This could have been what happened to a woman from St. Petersburg over the weekend, until her story unraveled.

Deputies say the 45-year-old woman was pulled over at about 2 a.m. after she was observed driving erratically. When the deputy interviewed the woman, he noted that her speech was slurred and there was a strong odor of alcohol on her breath. The deputy also said that she did poorly on a sobriety test.

During the investigation, the woman blamed her erratic driving on an egg roll, saying she was trying to eat as she was driving. She went on to say that she dropped the egg roll and tried to retrieve it. There was a flaw in her story, though. Police could not find any proof of an egg roll or packaging for an egg roll in the car.

They did find lots of other stuff, however. They discovered a plastic straw and some white powder residue. They also ran across some loose pills that were unidentified at the time of the investigation. Later tests found that some of the pills were opioids. Once charged, the woman admitted to having drinks at her boyfriend’s house earlier in the night.

Deputies said she was also under the influence of other types of drugs that were found in her possession. She was charged with DUI, possession of non-prescription drugs and possession of a controlled substance. The woman was released on her own recognizance the next morning.


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