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Cue the music, New College Of Florida has a cool grant to study Baby Sharks! Based in Sarasota, New College of Florida got a $165,111 grant to study the population and trends of Sharks species in Tampa Bay.

Their associate professor of Biology, Jayne Gardiner, said, “Juvenile sharks are a critical component of a healthy Tampa Bay ecosystem, but they’ve historically been overlooked in many monitoring programs.”

They have a nice, new 300-foot dock reaching into Sarasota Bay, and that’s a nice starting point for research.

I love sharks, don’t you? Seriously have seen a ton of them surfing and paddle boarding. See them in the waves all the time, and yes, had a couple of big ones swim under my board when I was about a mile off shore with friends. They didn’t eat us, so, it was a fun day.

Source Tampa Bay Business Journal

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