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A mysterious metal box washes up on a Florida beach. Now residents want to know what it is, how it got there and when it will be removed.

While walking along Playalinda Beach near Titusville, people discovered a rusty metal object. It measures approximately 8 feet tall and 20 feet long.

What is it? Some think it’s a large oil drum. Others speculate that it could be a ballast tank from a ship. Have a look for yourself:

The good thing is that the mysterious metal object was empty so it isn’t a hazard to the public.

When it comes to removing it from the beach, that might take a bit of time. Authorities have to figure that out. They can’t just chop it up into small pieces and haul it away. This metal box will probably have to be taken away by barge and moved somewhere else by sea.

Until then, this mysterious metal box will be a fixture of this Florida beach.

[SOURCE News 4 Jax]

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