If you know Darius Rucker at all, you know he is a football fanatic and is most loyal to his beloved Miami Dolphins. So, it’s no surprise that Darius compares the hard work of a football player to that of a professional singer.

Darius notes to the USA Today, “When you are up there with a band and playing a song, we have to play at the same tempo and have to play all the right notes. Football is a prime example. You can’t have guys doing all different things on a play than what they are supposed to.”

Darius’ most memorable shows to date, do have something in common with his love of sports. He offers, “Wrigley Field, I will never forget that I still can’t believe I just said that we played Wrigley Field with Rascal Flatts, and it was amazing. To do the national anthem at Yankee Stadium or sing it in Atlanta for the World Series. Or Madison Square Garden — it’s not just known for sports, that is your dream call to play as an artist. I just love that place. It is way past the word ironic.”

Rucker’s connection with the NFL has been amplified with the introduction of the NFL Darius Rucker Collection by Fanatics, which will feature T-shirts, fleeces, outerwear, and more.

And yes, he’s tried on merchandise of teams other than the Dolphins. He said, “The Packers’ stuff when I was looking through a lot of the clothes and picked up the Packers and looked and saw the logo of the NFL and my name on it. I am so proud of this, that they knew what I wanted it to look like and how I wanted to do it.

Darius added, “I am such an NFL freak and love the game so much, and the fact I am doing anything with the NFL is awesome. I would wear everything.”

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