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A Tampa Bay firefighter is featured in a national calendar to help raise awareness of lung disease. What she did to achieve this is breathtaking!

When you open the 2022 American Lung Association Firefighter calendar, you’ll see St. Petersburg Fire Rescue’s Jen Shedler. What she did to earn her place as Ms. January is amazing. Wearing 50 pounds of firefighter safety gear, Jen climbed 800 steps to the top of Raymond James Stadium! Why did she do this? Jen was one of  the hundreds of firefighters across the country to take part in the annual Fight For Air Climb. This event helps raise awareness and funds for the American Lung Association.

I started doing this climb because I have a high school friend, both her parents passed away from lung cancer,” said Shedler. In the past four years, she has helped raise close to $2000 and has inspired others to participate in American Lung Association events.

Jen is the only firefighter from Tampa Bay to be featured in this year’s calendar. What was the reaction of her fellow firefighters at Station Three in St. Pete? “They like to make jokes, I think they might be a little jealous,” said Shedler.

[SOURCE ABC Action News]

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