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Renewing your Florida vehicle registration just got easier. Now when you go to Publix to get some groceries, you can also renew your registration! No lines, no waiting!

Publix supermarkets in Seminole, Polk, Hillsborough, Manatee, and Brevard counties have installed self-service kiosks. Just enter your vehicle and insurance info on the touchscreen machine, and in minutes, you’re registration is renewed and printing out a license plate sticker. Sounds too good to be true! FYI: the kiosk won’t let you renew your Florida registration if you have outstanding driver’s license or toll violations.

So the next time you’re off to Publix your grocery list might look like this:

milk, cheese, bread, lunch meat, potato chips, ice cream, lottery tickets, registration renewal. (not my actual grocery list!)

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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