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We thoroughly enjoy eating Chipotle. But sometimes the lines can get a bit long…like out-the-door long. Chipotle has heard us and is starting to put a drive-thru lane at their stores.

It’s called the “Chipotlane!” Chipotle says these new lanes are a “modern spin on the traditional fast food drive-thru experience.” All you have to do is place your order either online or thru the Chipotle app. Then you just pick up your delicious meal by using the Chipotlane at the store. Easy peasy, burrito please me!

There are three Chipotle locations coming to Tampa Bay that will have the new Chipotlane. The one on 7646 Gall Boulevard in Zephyrhills, just opened and the other two locations will open up in a few months in Odessa, 16118 Preserve Marketplace Boulevard, and Ellenton, 6020 US 301 N.

We’re hoping they can find a way to add these Chipotlanes to existing locations!

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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