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Tampa Fire Rescue had a special call today. If you’ve been to Ybor City, you’ve seen all the free-roaming chickens that are part of historic neighborhood. Well it seems that mother hen and her four chicks were strolling through Ybor when the chicks fell into a storm drain!

Someone called the emergency line and reported the chicks predicament. When Tampa’s Bravest arrived on the scene, they saw the four chicks huddled together in the corner of the drain. Luckily the babies were on a pile of dirt next to some leaves and cigarette butts. The firefighters assessed the situation and went to work. They popped off the metal grating, used a net to scoop up the chicks and  reunited them with mom. Just another day on the job for the brave men and women of Tampa Fire Rescue!

Check out the pics of the incident:

The chickens of Ybor City have been part of the neighborhood for over a century and that a Tampa ordinance makes it illegal for anyone to injure, trap, or kill any wild birds, including the famous chickens!

[SOURCE Fox 13]

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