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Could a famous West Coast burger chain be coming to Florida? If our State’s CFO has his way, we might be enjoying these mouth-watering delights soon!

One state’s loss could be the Sunshine State’s gain. Several In-N-Out Burger stores in California have received warnings, fines, and have been temporarily closed because they didn’t follow local rules and  refused to check customers’ vaccination status.

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis saw that and wrote a letter to the president of In-N-Out Burger inviting them to Florida. Patronis stated his case and gave many reasons for the company to open up in our State. He said he would be “honored” to help the restaurant chain “find the perfect place to start a new In-N-Out story right here in Florida.”

If you haven’t tasted an In-N-Out Burger, you are missing a fantastic burger! The Double-Double is our favorite! Fresh ingredients served with a smile! Oh yeah, their shakes are also amazing! Can you tell we’ve eaten a few In-N-Out Burgers in our time?

No word on if In-N-Out Burger’s management responded to Patronis. We are crossing our fingers and hoping to see one (or many more) In-N-Out signs pop up soon in the Sunshine State!

[SOURCE 10 Tampa Bay]

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