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A Tampa Bay ghost hunter discovered the secrets of the Dracula castle in Transylvania. The paranormal investigation team reportedly made contact with Vlad Tepes, the person everyone’s favorite vampire is based on.

This investigation was part of the fifth annual World’s Largest Ghost Hunt. Led by Tampa ghost hunter Peggy Maguire, the team explored the Transylvanian castle that was allegedly the home of Dracula. So as to have some background, the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker, never visited Romania or the castle known as Bran Castle. He just used descriptions to paint the picture of the castle. The character of Dracula was based on Vlad Tepes, who was the ruler of Wallachia in the 1400s.

Historians have differing opinions on Bran Castle. Some believe Vlad Tepes used the castle as an outpost after capturing it. Others say Vlad’s enemies imprisoned him there for months.

Maguire and her team have special paranormal investigation equipment such as a spirit box and dowsing rods. Spirit boxes are devices that create white noise which spirits can supposedly broadcast their voices through a speaker. A dowsing rod is a metal rod attached to a metal handle. The rod spins when, as ghost hunters believe, it is manipulated by a ghost’s energy. The team also claims to have the capability to sense and feel the presence of ethereal beings.

During their time at Bran Castle, the team reported that voices speaking Romanian came from the spirit box! What’s even scarier is that they used the dowsing rods to try and communicate with Vlad Tepes and they allegedly got responses from him! According to Maguire when they asked the ghost of Vlad about the castle, he spun the dowsing rods, which was the answer if he was imprisoned in the castle!

OK, we are now officially creeped out!!!

[SOURCE Moscow-Pullman Daily News]

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