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You Want This: Fisher-Price toy rotary phone that can make real calls. Remember the old Fisher-Price toy phone you had as a kid or saw in every messy playroom? It’s baaaaack. And now, with Bluetooth. Bluetooth makes everything better.

This is awesome fun! Haaa. The new (old) toy pairs with your smartphone, so you and your kid can make and take real calls. You’ll have to explain the whole “rotary dial” thing to the kid first. Then you can pre-order at for $60 bucks. You and the kids can thank me later. Call me!!!

Side note: You can still get the old model with no Bluetooth for about $10 bucks, but you would need to go back to “pretending” you’re on an important call.


5 Ways to Prep and Save for Holiday Shopping

Yes, yes…it seems way too early to think about holiday shopping already. But by prepping now, you may be able to save yourself a few headaches once the holidays are upon us.

So, what can you do right now to help prep and save for holiday shopping? Consider one or all of the tips below.



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