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The Tampa Bay trick is not overspending when Trick or Treating. About 75% of us will spend money on Halloween this year. Seems like every year Tampa Bay gets more “spooky” with Great Decorations, Great Pumpkins, Great Costumes, and Really Great Candy & Treats. Expensive? Uh, yep.

Check out our QYKids Halloween Costumes below. They are all AWESOME.

But, who spends the most? Mom and Dad are silly, of course. 41% of parents tell the LendingTree survey they’re gonna “splurge.” For me, that means they’re even buying the Giant Snickers Bars! You’ve seen the Bay Area homes all decked out, and some of the costumes (driven by social media) are all off the hook crazy. Gen Z’ers (aka Zoomers) also spend because they just don’t wanna miss out on anything fun! I like Zoomers best!

Have fun. Watch your spending. And most of all…Trick or Treat!

(Lending Tree)

99.5 QYK Great Kids Halloween Costumes

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