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J.R. and Aldean in Denver

J.R. got to hang out with Jason Aldean in Denver, CO a few weeks ago.

While he was there, Jason introduced him to his new bourbon called Wolf Moon, which sponsors his Back In The Saddle tour. He’s in Tampa next weekend – October 30th! Jason says, “Love going to Florida always. You know obviously, it’s kind of my backyard Georgia, Florida. Always good to go there. It’s kinda like going home.”

So why did Jason want to get in the bourbon game? “It’s just a kind of what we do on the road really. It’s kind of what we do backstage me and my band you know have a drink before the show. And after the show, you feel like you have a great show you come back you know just kind of enjoy the rest of the night and it was just kind of something I always of wanted to get involved with.”

If you want to fix a Wolf Moon Bourbon drink the way Jason likes it it’s really simple. He likes it straight on the rocks.

Jason Aldean