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When Tom Brady tweets, the world listens. Over the weekend, Tom tweeted that he was missing fall:

OK, we get it, even The G.O.A.T. wants to enjoy the change of seasons and the crispness in the air. But when his wife Gisele Bündchen replied to him by saying “time for a trade,” people in Tampa Bay got worried:

That threw everyone, including Tom, for a loop!

Um, didn’t Tom reach an agreement with the Buccaneers on a four-year contract extension that voids to a one-year extension that locks him into Tampa through the 2022 season? We thought they were keeping the band together? You know, the quest for another Super Bowl!

Does Gisele know something that we don’t?

Breathe easy Tampa Bay. The G.O.A.T. isn’t going anywhere! The back and forth tweets between Tom and Gisele were a build up to a new commercial about the cryptocurrency that they appear in. The spot is very funny! We love to scene of the Patriots fan digging up his old Brady jersey!

The Bucs are back, with Tom Brady, this Sunday vs the Chicago Bears at Raymond James Stadium.

[SOURCE 10 Tampa Bay]

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