Florida man tells mom how to ripoff government from jail phone. Police say Quincy Moyer is pretty good at racking up criminal charges.

He stands accused of committing fraud against the government and possessing the stolen identification of about 20 people in an attempt to scam unemployment benefits. According to WFLA, detectives in Pinellas County say as they were arresting Moyer for another crime, they discovered further incriminating evidence in his backpack.

In addition to the fraudulent cards, the man also had a magnetic card reader in the pack. During the following investigation, the man admitted to buying the items online.

Moyer was arrested and taken to jail. During his incarceration, he was allowed to make a call.

He chose to call his mother. Because all calls to and from inmates are monitored, authorities heard every word that was said.

During the call to his mother, the man instructed his mother how to scam the unemployment system on her own. That conversation resulted in more charges for Moyer.

When police searched his laptop, they found additional information for 354 people, such as phone numbers, email addresses and credit card numbers. The man said he bought the information on the dark web for $5,000.

Investigators even found that the man was involved in a new scam that involved buying Apple watches online through Walmart. All of the details on that scam are right here.

Moyer admitted to fraudulently receiving unemployment benefits in several states, including Florida.


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