Luke Combs and his wife Nicole have been married for over a year now; they tied the knot on August 1, 2020. According to Luke, he and his new bride are still in the Honeymoon stage.

Luke told Extra on the CMT Red Carpet on Wednesday night (10/130) what he thought the best part of marriage was. He said, “The best thing is just having somebody there and just being able to be there for somebody else. There’s just this level of comfort in it. Like you always have this person when you need ’em or visa versa. I think that’s just a really unique thing, and I’m just enjoying the hell out of it.”

Combs was also asked about Halloween and what he and his bride will be wearing for costumes this year. He confessed, “Man, she does (like it). I’ve never been a big Halloween guy, when you’re three hundred pounds, it’s hard to get in a Halloween costume besides the giant tacos. I used to make this joke back in my super (crotchety) days. People would say, ‘What are you being for Halloween?’ and I would be like, ‘I’m being an adult.” But she’s changed my mind.”

Luke would not say what the couple is planning for costumes this year adding, “She would be so mad if I ruined it.”

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