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Did you know that the Tampa Bay Lightning have a second home? It’s right there in plain sight, just a few miles east of Amalie Arena.

TGH Ice Plex in Brandon has been the Bolts official training facility for 24 years. Many Lightning legends have graced the rink of the Ice Plex. “We’re here to support you know, their endeavors. Their continued growth is our continued growth you know, just them being here in the building, you know, gets people excited,” said Wes Reid, Director of the TGH Ice Plex.

What’s great about the Ice Plex is that it’s also open to the public and home to figure skating, recreational and travel hockey leagues. With the growth of ice hockey in the Tampa Bay area over the years, the Ice Plex has one of the largest adult hockey programs in the country. They even offer classes on how to ice skate!

The next time you’re in Brandon and you pass by the TGH Ice Plex, remember that the Tampa Bay Lightning have called it their home away from home…the second home to our Stanley Cup champions!

[SOURCE ABC Action News]

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