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You won’t believe what they did to Sparkman Wharf for Halloween. The downtown Tampa outdoor and entertainment destination is ready to thrill and chill you!

What do you do to make a Tampa Bay hot spot reach critical mass? You create the ultimate Halloween experience on land AND sea! Sparkman Wharf is ready to scare you with their Haunted Wharf event.

Sea-dwelling humans, sinister sirens, and pirate spirits plague the interactive maze. As the sun goes down, the maze experience will change from spooky to terrifying!

If that doesn’t chill you to the bone, then the UNdead in the Water will scare you silly. It’s Tampa’s only nautical Halloween event and takes place on the SS American Victory. This is only the fourth time the ship has been transformed into a haunted attraction. “We did three years of zombies and we finally rid ourselves of that particular infestation and now suddenly we have a haunted soul on board who is disturbing our daily routine,” American Victory Ship President Bill Kuzmick. Terror awaits in the ship’s many decks and cargo holds. The back story for this haunted house on water is awesome and will give you nightmares for years!

Haunted Wharf and UNdead in the Water at Sparkman Wharf run selected nights starting Friday October 15th thru Halloween.


[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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