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Who are the highest paid athletes in Tampa Bay? We live in Champa Bay, so Millionaire Bay, and Fat Cat Bay works too. Stanley Cups, Super Bowl Rings, and AL East titles can be expensive.

Top of the heap in 2020 salaries is the GOAT, Tom Brady at $25,000,000. Second on the list is the guy catching that pass in the photo above, Mike Evans pulled in $16,750,000 (one-handed!). The bottom of the Top 25 list would be Mike Zunino of the Rays at $4,500,000. Still, not bad money if you can catch it. (See what I did there?)

Former Rays pitcher Charlie Morton is at $15,000,000. The highest-paid Lightning player is Nikita Kucherov at $12,000,000. Kuch ! Kuch! Kuch!

See if your favorite player is in the Top 25 Here.

Source TBBJ

Champa Bay Legends

We have so many awesome athletes in the Tampa Bay area, here are just a couple of our favorite champions over the last couple of years.

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