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9-year-old Sarasota boy wins a really cool Car. It’s not just any car. He won what may be the coolest car to be built in the last decade….a Tesla.

The story began when the kid bought a t-shirt from an internet star, MrBeast, while watching a video on his channel. That purchase automatically entered Alexander Hedge in a contest with a new Tesla as the grand prize. Months passed and the boy from Sarasota forgot all about the contest. After all, he had a cool shirt and genuinely enjoyed the MrBeast content, so it wasn’t really a big deal.

That all changed when Alex’s good friend told him that his name had been announced on the latest video from MrBeast as a winner in the contest. Although Hedge can’t even legally drive the car for about 7 more years, he and his family are excited about their huge win. A new Tesla Model S Performance Edition retails for about $92,000 and can be ordered with up to 1,020 horsepower. Looks like Alexander already has a ride to the prom…in 8 years. Here’s Alexander, celebrating his huge win!



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