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Is this Tampa Bay 4th-grader the “hair-apparent” to America’s best mullet? In our opinion, the follicles are strong in this one!

In our opinion, good hair goes a long way but great hair, well, that’s epic. At this rate, nine year-old Kayden Manning is heading in that direction!

The Pasco County 4th-grader is making waves with his luxurious locks. “My baseball camp coach, he always called me mullet man, and everyone in camp did,” said Kayden. The secret to his hair? If he wakes up early, gel to keep it styled right. Otherwise plain-old water to lock those locks in place!

Why did he decided to grow what’s arguably the best mullet in Tampa Bay? Kayden’s soon-to-be stepdad Chris rocks the same hair style and since Kayden is Chris’ junior best man, he wanted to grow one out as well! The wedding is in February so you know Kayden’s mane will be massive!

Kayden’s hairstyle has gone nationwide. He is already 5th in the top 25 for America’s best mullet. You can help him bring home the title by voting here.

[SOURCE Bay News 9]

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