Hey Tampa Bay, you can make your own glass pumpkin this Halloween! From start to finish you can create a unique decoration for your home.

Who isn’t looking for a cool way to add some flair to their Halloween decor? The Morean Arts Center in downtown St. Pete gives you the chance to make your own glass pumpkin.

From start to finish, their glass artists will help you create this custom piece. You begin by choosing your own colors, lay out the colored  granulated glass in the desired pattern and then the magic begins! It really is an art-form all its own! 

Did you know that the temperature of the oven where the glass is heated is as hot as the interior of a volcano? Talk about playing with fire!

The whole process of making your glass pumpkin takes about 30 minutes. You can do this solo but everyone knows, it’s always better with friends! The Morean offers a Pumpkin-Palooza for up to 10 people! You can find out more about this along with schedule and ticket prices here.

In case you were wondering, the Morean Arts Center is the home of the AMAZING Chihuly Collection. After seeing this huge display, you’ll never look at glass the same way!

[SOURCE ABC Action News]

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