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We’ve never seen a potato that we didn’t like. When we heard that a restaurant was coming to Tampa Bay that serves loaded baked potatoes, we did a “happy dance!”

That’s right, a baked potato restaurant.

The Half Baked Potato just opened up in downtown St. Pete and they are satisfying your need for spuds! They’re serving them up sweet, baked, mashed and smashed (a baked potato smashed down). It doesn’t end there. You have over 20 choices of toppings! Tempt your taste buds with Memphis pulled pork, Philly cheese steak, house-made cheddar mac & cheese are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how they top their three pound potatoes.

If you’re into the vegan option, this baked potato restaurant presents “The Pretender,”  which has chopped Impossible burger, creamy garlic and artichoke puree and is topped with Everything Bagel seasoning.

Did you know that they have a dessert potato? Oh yes!! It’s a sweet potato topped with mini marshmallows, cinnamon and whiskey caramel.

The Half Baked Potato is located at 1626 Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg. This is just another reason why Tampa Bay is a great place to live…and eat!

[SOURCE ABC Action News/Creative Loafing]

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