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A few weeks ago we told you about the push to change Florida’s State bird. Well now the  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has chimed in and also believes that the Sunshine State needs a new feathered representative.

It seems that the FWC isn’t a fan of the current State bird, the mockingbird, and threw it’s own choice into the ring: the osprey. The FWC revived a 2008 project to push for the change. “Over 77,000 students were involved in that and actually voted on a slate of birds. And the osprey was the winner,” said commission Assistant Executive Director Thomas Eason. The FWC backed the change during the 2009 legislative session but it didn’t pass. They are hoping this time it will be different.

A Florida Representative and Senator have proposed legislation (SB 378 and HB 207) to make the scrub jay our state bird.

No matter which way it goes, it looks like the mockingbird’s days as the State bird might be numbered.

[SOURCE Creative Loafing]


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