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This celebrity is opening up a tattoo shop in Tampa Bay. According to him it’s a dream turned into reality and is very excited about it!

We know him, we love him. We’re talking about Dave Bautista. When he’s not starring in mega-blockbuster movies, the former WWE superstar resides in the Tampa Bay area and is an active part of the community. A few weeks ago we told you about how he rescued an abused pit bull. Now Dave is turning one of his dreams into reality.

Dave is opening up his own tattoo shop in Tampa. He just announced it on his Instagram page (some language NSFW). The tattoo shop is called DC Society Ink and is going to be near the University of Tampa.

Dave has partnered with his tattoo artist John Correll and are looking for some great tattoo artists to come to Tampa Bay and make some great skin art. “We’re turning this dream into a reality, it’s going to be an experience,” says Bautista.

Look for DC Society Ink to open sometime in January 2022.


[SOURCE Creative Loafing]

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