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One in three of us buy extra Candy so we’ll have trick-or-treat leftovers. Are you shocked? Me either. This study says a third of Americans have intentionally bought too much Halloween candy before, so they’d have tons of leftover candy they could eat themselves. What other time of year can I buy 3 to 5 (or 6) bags of Snickers Minis without looking like…well, you know.

40% of us, according to the study, have also bought extra  Halloween candy in November, because the BOGO’s and discounts are too hard to resist. Check out Instacart’s  TOP 10 Candy Cravings HERE.

Five more quick Halloween candy stats for ya :

1.  Don’t buy your candy too early:  More than a third of adults have accidentally snacked on Halloween candy throughout the month of October before.

2.  53% of parents plan to steal some of their kids’ haul this year, and over half of them won’t feel too guilty about it.  That includes 32% who said zero guilt.

3.  41% of parents usually take their kids to a different neighborhood to trick-or-treat.  Either because it’s safer, more walkable, or there’s just more candy to be had.

4.  23% of Americans who didn’t buy candy have had to pretend they weren’t home when trick-or-treaters showed up at their door.

5.  One in nine people say they’ve handed out healthy treats on Halloween instead of candy. (I skip those houses)

Source: (Instacart)

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